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Blonde Hair Color

Kerry Katona

Blond is considered a very rare color and it is a natural shade of hair. Only about 2% of the world’s population is known to have blonde hair and is seen mostly in northern Europe and Scandinavian countries. Blonde is considered a vivacious shade of hair and is very lively to look at. It appeals to many people across the world. Blonde is not only a natural color but can also be shaded with the right hair color. Although long blonde hair is considered beautiful, many short blonde hairstyles are also popular across natural blondes as well as colored hair blondes.

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How Changing Your Hairstyle Can Change Your Life

There are many ways to change your appearance. Of course you can change you style of dressing or lose weight which will certainly change your face but these will either take time or money and will probably take a while for the change to be noted. Another option is to change your hairstyles. If you have long flowing hair streaming down your back you can go into a beauty shop and get it cut into a very short pixie cut. This will emphasize your facial features. Of course if you have a short cut already it is impossible to instantly get long flowing hair but you can use hair extensions to do this.

Kimberly Caldwell Short Hairstyle Idea

Kimberly Caldwell Short Hairstyle

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Short Summer Hair Ideas

This time we will present some chic & sexy short haircuts for hot Summer months. To name just a couple of haircuts that will be in this Summer – You should go for short pixie cut or fashionable short bob haircuts.

Kimberly Wiatt Short Summer Bob Hairstyle 

Kimberly Wiatt Short Bob Hairstyle

Keri Hils...

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